In 1927, Americans were in desperate need of a hero. Our nation was suffering through the moral and political corruption brought about by prohibition and the exploits of organized crime. Charles A. Lindbergh never planned to be a hero when he decided to accept the challenge of a French businessman named Raymond Orteig. On May 20, 1927, Lindbergh flew "The Spirit of St. Louis" alone, non-stop, across the Atlantic Ocean for 33 1/2 hours landing at Le Bourget Field in Paris.

Following his famous flight, Lindbergh made many "good-will" flights to set new records and advance the cause of aviation. While in Mexico on one such tour, he met Anne Morrow, daughter of the United States Ambassador to Mexico, Dwight Morrow. Charles and Anne were married on May 27, 1929. Their first child, a son, was born on Anne's 24th birthday, June 22, 1930. They named him Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. read more